Payroll services & minimum wage advice

NMJN Accountants offer full payroll services of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payroll including advice on National Minimum Wage issues. We also have an HR helpline to assist with any employment problems our clients might encounter. Outsourcing your payroll function with NMJN Accountants, will alleviate the burden of payroll and pension management and take away the worry of HMRC late submission and payment penalties, allowing you to focus your resources on more productive and profitable activities.

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Benefits of outsourcing your Payroll with NMJN

As PAYE legislation and reforms are constantly changing the operation of payroll, it’s reassuring to know that our experienced payroll support is available to all clients, whether they are taking advantage of our full range of services or just want us to operate their payroll function.

Complete Payroll Services

Accurate payroll processing and online submissions to HMRC; handling everything including Bank transfers to your employees’ bank accounts and payslip production for a direct issue to your employees’ home.

Workplace Pension Management

In accordance with auto-enrolment legislation, we’ll check for eligible joiners, perform complex contribution calculations, manage opted leavers, prepare employee correspondence, upload contributions to pension providers’ and pay the contributions on your behalf.

Payment Reporting & Analysis

We will send you monthly payment summaries, and year-end reports of salary and pension-related costs.


We adhere to HMRC legislation, ensuring you meet all RTI online submission requirements and payment timescales to avoid any worries regarding late submission or late payment penalties.

Additional Services

In addition to essential tax and national insurance calculations, we can also arrange salary sacrifice schemes for your staff as well as obtain dispensations for the payment of certain expenses.

On-Line Forms

We take care of all HMRC forms such as P45 and P60 forms for automatic processing of important year-end returns and in-year changes.

Confidential Payroll Information

As your sensitive payroll data is kept off-site it reduces the risk of exposure to unauthorised personnel.

P11d Submission

We can take care of benefit declarations to HMRC and complete your online submissions of P9 and P11Ds.

NMJN - Full Payroll Services

NMJN Accountants are here to help

Our specialised outsourced payroll division can draw on 10 years of experience as a PAYE auditor for HMRC. We offer two levels of payroll function, a complete service or a calculation service you can choose the one which suits your business best. Contact NMJN Accountants