Fee protection against HMRC audits

At NMJN Accountants we can offer you fee protection against costs incurred if your tax returns, VAT returns, or payroll submissions are taken up for a check or enquiry by HMRC. We use Croner/Taxwise as they are more than just an insurance provider, as they give our clients complimentary access to experts in Human Resources, Employment Law, and Business Safety.

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Fee protection insurance

All our clients are given the opportunity to take out fee protection insurance with our insurers Croner/Taxwise, who specialise in providing insurance cover against fees you could incur if you encounter any enquiry, check, intervention, dispute, or visit from HMRC. Our senior partner Michelle Howe is able to deal with any of these right up to representing you or your business at Tax Tribunal, but with fees starting at £150.00 an hour, the costs would soon escalate out of control.

Once insured Croner/Taxwise will cover up to £100,000 of professional fees for each dispute with HMRC, as well as an additional £5,000 for a Judicial Review by a barrister before an appeal is heard at Tax Tribunal.

HMRC enquiries

With HMRC enquiry activity at records levels, and their ability to target returns much greater due to their new compliance software ICE Connect it is more important now to cover yourself and your business with fee protection. HMRC are taking up random enquiries in the hope that they can find a tax loss as they are under increasing pressure to bring in bigger tax revenues.

Unfortunately, it can cost thousands to prove that the tax return and business records are accurate, and although you will have no additional tax to pay the cost of proving this might well break the bank.

How we help

With HR and employment law support, we have you covered. If you would like to take out the fee protection cover offered by NMJN Accountants Limited in conjunction with Croner/Taxwise please contact Michelle on 01909 490502 and she can provide you with more information and the cost of the cover.

Fee protection with Croner Taxwise

Directors of limited companies are automatically covered under their company policy with Croner Taxwise.

Fee protection against HMRC audits

NMJN Accountants Limited

Fee Protection services against fees incurred if your tax returns, VAT returns, or payroll submissions are taken up for a check or by HMRC enquiries.