Tax returns and HMRC submission

Tax returns for Individuals, Partnerships, Limited Companies, and Charities. A tax return is a document filed with a tax authority that reports income, expenses, and other relevant financial information. Taxpayers calculate their tax liability, schedule tax payments, or request refunds for the overpayment of taxes. In most cases, these returns must be filed annually.

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Eliminating the worries of tax returns

At NMJN Accountants we will eliminate the worry of completing Tax Returns and will submit them securely on-line using HMRC-recommended software on your behalf.

What HMRC expects

HMRC expect taxpayers to submit their returns on time every time.

As they operate on a process now, check later system with self-assessment, an incorrect return could be a time bomb. Ticking away for 12 months until HMRC has the time and manpower to open up an enquiry.

HMRC Self Assessment tax returns at:

Tax returns services

NMNJ Accountants in Worksop complete returns for the following taxpayers:

  • High income earners & those with child benefit.
  • Individuals with income from property.
  • Retired individuals with bank interest.
  • Individuals with capital gains.
  • Self-employed business owners.
  • Limited companies.
  • Inheritance Tax returns.
  • Companies with Remuneration Trusts.
  • Charities.

How we help

Michelle, our senior partner, worked as an Inspector of Taxes at HMRC for 23 years and has a vast knowledge of allowable expenses, capital allowances, and other claims that can be made.

From expenses for individuals with income from the property to large businesses who are involved in Research and Development work, Michelle will compute these claims and declare them correctly on the tax return.

Michelle Howe, NMJN Accountants Limited in Worksop - Tax Returns and Submissions

NMJN Tax returns and HMRC submissions

NMJN Accountants Limited

We pride ourselves on claiming only what is due and do not enhance or overstate expenses which would leave their clients open to attack from HMRC. This is why Croner Taxwise Insurance allows us to fight HMRC on behalf of clients who are under an enquiry by HMRC.