Specialist Technology & IT Development

At NMJN Accountants we are always looking at changes to tax legislation that will help our clients and we are up to date with the new Video Games Expenditure Credit which can be claimed from the 1st January 2024 and increases the rate to 34%. If you work in the specialist technology or IT development sector and want to know more about the existing claim, or how the new claim will affect you – please contact one of our specialists on 01909 490502

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Tax and accounts support

If you are producing video games, we can help with the Video Games Tax Relief claims which can reduce your corporation tax, or if it creates a loss you could be due a tax credit at the rate of 25%. For more information and enquiries, please contact NMJN Accountants in Worksop.

Who we help

At NMJN accounts we have specialists in technology and IT development in Worksop, Sheffield, and Nottingham. If your business is one of the following then we can help:

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  • Network & Infrastructure installations and support.
  • Software developers.
  • App developers.
  • Website designers.
  • Video games developers.

Specialist & IT Development services

If you work in the specialist technology or IT development industries, we can provide the usual tax and accounting support for your business, including:

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  • Completing monthly payroll.
  • Calculating quarterly VAT for submission.
  • Preparation of annual accounts and tax computations.

NMJN Tax and Accounts for Specialist Technology & IT Development

NMJN Accountants Limited

Providing tax and accountancy services for clients in the specialist technology & IT development sectors, we have already helped a number of software and app developers in Worksop and surrounding Nottinghamshire areas.